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 Fences protect and hide you property, keeping your property in privacy.

Your fence is a bit tired and faded or just finished building  a new fence and want painted?

At Painters Ballarat, Fence Painting is one of our expertise! We paint follow types of fences:

​​Pail Fence

Picket Fence

Brick Fence

Render Fence

Steel Fence


Fence Painting 

Fences, add a significant amount of visual value to a property, adding just the right amount of complementary visual appeal to any house and yard. At Painters Ballarat we have enough experience to transform your fence from weathered and faded to the most attractive fence on your street,


Our Guarantee
-Clean Painting Job
-Use Premium Exterior Paints
-Workmanship Warranty For No Peel And Fade

So with Painters Ballarat Your Fence Painting Job Is In Good Hands

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